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COVID-19 message to our Customers:
With safety in mind, we are able to practice social distancing measures while manufacturing and shipping our products. These measures allow us to continue to take care of our customers though there may be some slight delays in our shipping times. We appreciate your business and your patience!

See video below for guidance on submitting your sorted order.
Should you have any questions please call customer service at 1-800-311-9691.

For small non-sorted orders that are being paid with a credit or debit card please visit www.fundraiserradamfg.com

Why choose simple sorting online?
1.  You save the postage costs plus the time it takes for your mail to reach us.
2.  You control the data entry and can enter the orders as you receive them.
3.  Online orders are processed in 2 working days. (mailed are processed in 4 days).

Submitting Your Sorted Order Online
Sorted Orders Online is a simple and fast way to submit your order to Rada. Orders will be sorted by salesperson for easy distribution. The video above provides step by step directions on entering and submitting your order.

Please call customer service at 1-800-311-9691 if you have any questions.

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